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I know that you want a faster and easier way to create content. Yes, Article Assistant will really help you.

But, what if you need even MORE articles and content? These days, everyone pretty much knows that Google prefers unique content -- the more unique the better.

So, how do you take the content you create within Article Assistant -- or any articles sitting on your hard drive -- and make it instantly HIGHLY unique with ONE mouse click... while still maintaining the quality and readibility of the original article?

Well, hit that graphic link below, watch the short video I just put together for you and prepare to be amazed! Don't worry, once you click below, this download page will not close on you...

STEP 1: Research & Write articles faster than ever -- Download your Article Assistant software and process map. Then, go to Step 2 below: 

STEP 2: Watch the Article Assistant fast-start video where I show you how to get the best results using the software. Also, download the Getting Started PDF -- it's filled with tips to get you better results with your content and article marketing. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT skip this step:

STEP 3: Ghostwriters Suck! Report -- If you deal with freelancers and ghostwriters (or if you plan to) you are going to love this PDF report. It's filled with resources, tips and secrets so you'll find great writers who won't break the bank.

STEP 4: More Content Coming Soon...

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